Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

free hair cut results

It turns out Seven is a ritzy downtown salon where hair cuts cost $75. And apparently they have their own school as well where the students do supervised cuts on Wednesday mornings and color on Thursday mornings. My cut came out nicely, lots of layering which brings out my natural curl.

If anyone else would like a free cut from a ritzy salon and is available 8-10 Wednesday mornings I can pass on the phone number of the salon to you.

And by the way, the cut is free but the parking is not! They told me if I parked in the shopping center it would only cost $5. But that's only if you are in the lot 2 hours or less. My grand total...2 hours and 7 minutes! Grrr...that seven minutes cost me $2. Rather than let it go to waste I stayed an extra half hour to look around the center and check out Victoria's Secret. For $28 you can get a thong with the top strap part in rhinestones. Great for gals who let the straps peak out the top of their jeans or skirts. And they had some other sexy strappy things for me to drool over.

Time to get ready for my temp job this afternoon. Excel can bite me. I'm pasting the information into Word and editing it there.

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