Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Which cat rules?

In the 5 years I have lived in this apartment I have been priveleged to both live with and share my bed with 4 different cats (yeah, I'm a cat cuddle slut!). In honor of all the kitties that have moved on I'm holding a pageant to elect the Queen or King...and you get to vote!

Below are the contestants along with a brief description of themselves. Please remember to judge based on beauty, talent and personality.

And first we have...



Hello, my name is Maya. I'm a long haired cat that requires lots of brushing and spoiling. I was named after Maya Angelo. I'm an indoor cat but every once in a while I get let out for a few minutes where I can pretend I'm queen of the jungle. I love to crawl under the covers with you and curl up against your stomach in hopes that you will spoon me. My unique talents are spending long periods of time under the covers without coming up for air and also running from bugs.


Hello, my name is Jack. I am the most affectionate kitty you will ever meet and I will follow you into every room of the house begging for some (and I'll howl if you leave me). I like to pretend I'm crazy by throwing fits and rolling around under the bed. My unique talents are people stalking and playing under the rug without flipping it over (as seen in this picture).

Sweet Pea

Hi, my name is Sweet Pea. I am so tiny and cute that people often mistake me for a kitten even though I'm at least 14 years old. I am very affectionate and purr like a motorboat. I will love you like crazy but I don't like other cats. I enjoy sun beams and long naps. My unique talent is transforming myself into a feline blanket so I can sleep on you no matter where you are or what position you are in.


Hello, I'm Peabody. Don't let me my name fool you, I'm really a girl that wants to be crowned queen. I like to trick people by rubbing up against their legs like I want affection and then running away. But if you let me trick you for a few months eventually I will turn into a little affection whore that wants to sit on your lap and cuddle with you every time you sit down or lay in bed. I will rub my face up against yours and purr in your ear for hours. My unique talent is catching bugs...and leaping at shadows on the wall when I think I see one.


Sorry, the bikini and evening gown portion of the competition have been canceled. But feel free to cast your votes!

Which cat should be crowned Queen/King of apt. #3

Sweet Pea

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