Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

fetish night at the Vogue

On the drive home tonight I could actually feel the places on my legs where the bruises are going to be. There's some purple starting to show even now. By tomorrow my legs will be black and blue. Ah, how I miss the aftermath of pole dancing at the Vogue. No seriously, I actually show off my bruises quite proudly.

Tonight was fabulous - it reminded me of everything I love about the goth scene and community. And it reminded me of things I've always loved, like prom and Halloween (my favorite day of the year). And this was prom and Halloween combined. Only at my own high school prom I only had one date. Tonight I had two beautiful boys escorting me.

I stepped into the club in my PVC corset and hot little outfit and found myself completely surrounded by others in sexy, shiny, black PVC. I absolutely love seeing everyone dressed up in their finest! And I ran into so many people. In passing I saw and exchanged greetings with psyberboi and evillinn and vulture23. I also hung out with and got to chat with sweetestkiss, monsignor, seedmoon, hypnox, ambrielsfire, geekmetal, khayman950, goddesslena and a few others who either don't have LiveJournals or do but I'll be feeling guilty in the morning for forgetting their user names. And of course I can't forget transcendence1. Hey Transcendence, does Joe have an LJ?

It was wonderful to step into a place where I feel like I belong and hear my name called by friends who have spotted me through the throng of PVC clad bodies. People outside of the goth community have asked me why, after I discovered how hurt and angry so many people in it are, I don't leave it. This is why. Because I can step into a place like fetish night at the Vogue where it's both Halloween and prom, where I get to play dress up and suspend myself upside down from a spinning pole to the delight of others. This is where I find friends around every corner and table. This is where I feel not only like I belong and fit in but yet still am unique and appreciated.

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