Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Extracting from the music

I never posted my favorite compliments from last Saturday night. I like to post them because when I work as a dancer the pleasure and entertainment I bring to others is far more valuable than the money I am paid. I mean if no one showed up to the club to enjoy it, it wouldn't be worth the paycheck. I'd go somewhere else and dance for free.

And of course the compliments just make you feel good. Being recognized for something you do well feels even better. So keeping them in my journal helps me remember that wonderful feeling of making people happy doing something I love. My favorite compliment from last Saturday night was not actually a verbal one. Instead, it was e-mailed to me later by some one who reads my LJ:


"I like how you dance. You're truly grounded in your movement, and you extract a lot from the music. I was amazed again and again at how you could find the slow pulse in a faster song and make it sensual and sexy as you slid languidly through the sound."


And to this person I bow and say "Namaste". I will treasure this compliment forever.

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