Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

party was a success - I think I'll make it an annual event

The clothing swap party was a HUGE success. Thank you to everyone who came and pretty much transformed both my club and summer wardrobes. Even with two no-shows and two last minute cancellations we ended up with about 150 items of clothing, over 20 pairs of shoes, and lots of make-up and jewelry to choose from. Much socializing and munching as well.

Here are my new treasures:

  • black PVC corset with garters attached (needs to be taken in about an inch on both sides)
  • PVC black bra
  • red lace garter belt
  • red fishnets (Will transform into fishnet arm warmer type things)
  • beautiful sparkly beaded dance top
  • sparkly silver dress (Will alter and turn into dance top)
  • red lace see through fringed top
  • sleeveless summer dress
  • summer job interview type suit
  • bronze nail polish
  • Prestige "velvet" red lipstick
  • black and navy open weave hip scarf
  • black tank top with long swirly things hanging from it
  • black leather belt with silver grommets all over

And all of it was free!

Dinner out afterward was also fun. Thank you to everyone who came and treated me to dinner!

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