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socks and cat

boot lust

So I've been drooling over these boots on eBay for over a week now. Since no one seems to be interested in them I finally e-mailed the seller and asked if they would consider coming down in price. They told me no and that they aren't in any hurry and that if they left it up on eBay until Halloweed some one would surely pay the asking price ($25 plus $6 shipping).

Not to worry. I have these gorgeous things arriving in the next two to three weeks to satisfy my boot lust.

But I have an idea! See the ones that were gifted to me and arriving in 2 to 3 weeks might actually be too high heeled for me to wear dancing. I've never even worn 6 inch heels in my life. So while they may look like come get me me boots it's possible I won't be able to walk more than 2 feet once I get to the club in them. But I could cut the the tops of the thigh high boots off (from the ankles up) and sew them into the lower heeled boots. Then I'd have a pair of boots that were both drop dead sexy and easy to wear while working at the club or just dancing for fun at the Vogue.

Either way...I can't wait until they get here!!! Where are you pretty thigh high buckly PVC boots? Stuck at customs somewhere waiting to get into the country? I neeeeeeeeed you!!!! *whimper*


Yeah those first boots aren't all that.
The other ones are hot!
Here Here! I think the first ones are too round, and don't look all that sexy, they just look "goth". You're owning that dance platform right? Make them squirm! The first ones wouldn't make me squirm as much as the second ones intact.
Yeah but the first ones I can dance in all night...including working in them. The second ones I can't work in. I could wear them out for fun as long as I don't plan to dance too much. Flirting yes. Seducing yes. Standing in the corner and looking all come-hither yes. Dancing? Not so much.

Wow, those second boots are hot.

* drools as he trys to keep tongue in mouth *

OK I didn't even know that I had this fetish.
Makes me want to get down and kneel before the picture, hate to see what it would do to me in person.... :)

I'm gonna want to photograph more boots with you in 'em soon... yeeow!
Yay! Just give me a chance to put some weight back on. I'm still 10 pounds lighter than the last time you photographed me.