Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I'll gladly bleed for my art

I have little cuts on my hands, they're from last night. Behind the little custom built stage I dance on is an area with seating. And between myself and the seating is what I can only think of to describe as a fence. It only stretches half way behind my dance area and it gives it a cage looking effect.

I love props when I dance, especially the bars or wires of a cage (and thus the User ID I chose). So very often I will grab the fence behind me and leverage as I do tricks like low back bends and undulations. And sometimes I'll make eye contact with a customer who's watching me and let my hands climb the fence as if I'm trying to get out and get to them. And sometimes as I dance I'll gently run my hand along the end of the fence as if caressing it.

Problem is the thing is just metal bits all welded together. It's not smooth or polished at the ends. So occasionally as I run my hands gently on it or grab on I will indeed get little tiny cuts. I don't mind, it's well worth it to have such a fun prop behind me. But it amuses me now to look down at the little cuts on my hands and think...yeah...these are my dancing wounds. Heh.

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