Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? Here's a few compliments from tonight that rate among the best ever:

From a regular who is a big teddy bear and has a sweet face: "Thank you for being great eye candy."

From a girl who spotted me in the ladies room: "You're that dancer. My boyfriend has been watching your ass all night." She meant it in a good way, she wasn't mad or anything. And thanks to the PVC hot shorts imp_of_satan made me it was damn easy to see my ass all night.

And one guy as he was leaving turned toward me and looked up at me on stage and did the I'm-not-worthy type bow in my honor. Touched, I pressed my hands together as if in prayer and gave him a deep Namaste bow in return.

One long haired mysterious one didn't say anything but picked a spot against the wall and crouched down to watch me. And he watched me. And he watched me. I think some people might be creeped out by that kind of thing. But to me it's a true compliment to myself and my dancing when I can mesmerize some one like that. After all, I'm not dressed like this and dancing like this so you can ignore me! ;)

One couple wanted to take me home.

And for the record, a girl can never hear "that's a great outfit" too many times. I work hard to put together something sexy for my performances (you actually can work up a sweat trolling through the Metro and the local thrift stores) and I really appreciate it when people stop me to tell me how much they like it. And it was especially appreciated every time I heard it tonight because it took me a long time to shred that PVC skirt carefully into one inch revealing strips. Although the floor length strips flew about dangerously close to the candles they use to light the base of the stage. I tried not to remember, as I danced, that I could go up in flames at any moment!

Anyway, dangers of burning PVC aside, it's very fulfilling to have a job that brings so much joy to others, even in a small way.

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