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tip or don't tip?

Question: At the club I work at as a dancer, should I tip the bartender?

Is employee to employee tipping normal? When I worked at the Catwalk I always gave a tip when redeeming my free drink coupons. The bartenders sometimes thanked me so I assume it was appreciated.

I started doing that as well at the club I work at now although it felt a little funny because the relationship with the bartenders is not as anonymous as it was at the Catwalk. In fact the supervising bartender works together with the DJ to pretty much take care of us - they aren't just anonymous drink servers. The supervising bartender has also been kind enough to make drinks for us and bring them to us on our go-go stages without even asking for a drink ticket in return. He's more than a co-worker, I think of him as a friend.

So I asked the other dancer, "Do you tip when you redeem your drink tickets?" She said no, because they are effectively just giving our tip back when they pay us. I'm not sure about that because I think the tip is the bartender's money and the pay is the club's money. But I do feel a little silly tipping a fellow employee at the club.

Tip or don't tip? What do you think?

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