Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

What is it with me and PVC?

I have some kind of PVC radar. I swear I can be walking through a huge thrift store like Value Village and no matter how fast I'm walking through the isles my head turns and I immediately spot anything shiny and vinyl. If there's PVC in the store I'll find it!!

Today on the way home from my doctor appointment I made a quick stop at my favorite thrift store. I treated myself to a new PVC black back-pack purse for only a dollar. I adore it!

Here's my collection thus far. Keep in mind though that half of it doesn't fit me anymore:

Two pairs of black PVC pants
One pair of red PVC pants
One pair of black PVC shorts
One black PVC mini skirt
One pair of black PVC chaps
One pair of thigh high PVC lace up boots
One pair of ankle high PVC lace up boots
One pair of black PVC "boot toppers"
One pair of red PVC hot pants
One pair of black PVC hot pants
One black cropped PVC corset
One red cropped PVC corset
One burgundy/red cropped zip up PVC top
One Trinity style long black PVC coat (Never worn it, it needs to be altered first)
One thigh length black PVC jacket
One PVC black thong
One red PVC bondage collar

Hmmm...I'm noticing a serious lack of PVC gloves here. Although what I would really like instead is a pair of lace up PVC gauntlets. As soon as I learn how to sew I'll use some of the PVC pants that don't fit any more to cut up and make a pair.

What can I say? PVC makes me feel sexy. I know other folks sure do look sexy in it.

Monster Ball Vampire Girl Vinyl Gown

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