Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Tonight is the big night!

I'm both nervous and excited. Since the club owner never actually auditioned me I feel like my first night on the job IS my audition. But when I really think about it, it is a no lose situation. Either tonight will go great and I'll continue to work there as a go-go dancer every Saturday night and continue to be paid for something that brings me immense joy and excitement (but miss tons of parties and fun because I'll be working every Saturday night). Or it won't work out for some reason and my Saturday nights will once again be free to spend at parties, events, and all the cool stuff my friends go to. So no matter what happens tonight, I can't go wrong.

I am still concerned about my weight loss though. I'm very creative and resourceful with clothes and I know how to use them to create the illusion of a perfect figure even when you don't have one. The biggest hurdle to hide is the fact that all that weight loss means I don't have an ass to shake up on that go-go box anymore. I've finally come to the conclusion that the only way to make it look like you have an ass when you don't is to show all of it. Because if it's hanging out for the world to see then it kinda looks like you've got one. And that's where fishnet stretch hot pants come in handy.

I'm pretty much going to wear the outfit that I'm wearing in this saucy picture that I posed for back in January. It's clothed but may not be considered work safe so it's behind a cut.

stripping with sword

And hey, that's my stripper pole I'm leaning up against! Anyway those aren't actual thigh high boots but something called "boot toppers" which can be attached and make your boots look higher. I'll be wearing them with flat boots instead of those heels.

The part that makes me the most nervous is that I'll be wearing only a thong under those shorts so I'm kind of naked in the back. And believe me when I tell you the only reason I'm brave enough to do that tonight is because I know all my friends will be at Gothique so there's no risk of them seeing me dressed like that. And I'll probably change into pants later in the night just in case any of them decide to drop by after Gothique. After tonight I'll always be a little more covered in case folks I know drop by the club.

Wish me luck!

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