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socks and cat


I was so happy to wake up and find it is a cloudy, overcast day. Don't get me wrong, I can fully appreciate the beauty of a sunny, warm Seattle day. But the little goth girl in me prefers the gentle illumination of the sun filtered through seamless clouds and fog. It's as if the sky is wrapped in a great, white and grey cloak.

And when it rains I radiate with a peaceful sense of renewal and belonging. It is perfect cozy snuggle weather. I wouldn't live in Seattle if I didn't love it.


Wow! You really do live in the right place.

I'd appreciate the greyness if it wasn't like this nearly all year. I have S.A.D. so it is a bit of a problem.
Hey I'll be at goffee tomorrow. You still coming? Can you bring the magazines? :)


I was waiting 'til tomorrow to email ya about that. I am 90% sure I will be there, but it all depends on how much I get done tonight.

Re: Probably

I hope you can make it. Oh please please please!
Isn't just so beautiful? I love it.
I absolutely understand! I felt the same way tonight when I saw the fog roll in on the bay for the first time in a few days. I had missed it...:)

It sounds lovely!

Truly. Today was scorching in SoCal. Hot hot heatedly hot with a side of hot. Phew!

Re: It sounds lovely!

Yeah, I don't miss that heat AT ALL! Even when we're freezing our asses off in the winter over here.