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My Columbine posts are upsetting people. I'm now locking them all as private before I piss anymore people off. Please accept my apology if I scared or offended you. Using the posted comments as a gage I will rethink my opinions on the perpetrators, victims and events of Columbine. Because I can be wrong about things. I willingly admit it.

I thought I had read and studied enough on the topic to form educated opinions about the events of April 20th. But it's likely that because of my history of being bullied (both past and recent) I am more likely to project my own feelings and experiences onto the people and events of Columbine and form my opinions based on that.

To prevent anymore "but I support your point of view" comments I will make this post non-commentable. Because the intention of this post is not to encourage support of my previous Columbine opinions. It is to say that I am re-examining them.

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