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And have I mentioned lately how much my friends rock?

I'll post more about my weekend at the Ranch later. I just want to get this out first. Let me start

I suspect that most people who survive what I just lived through do not have the kind of love, support and tools to work with that I do. Through this experience I have discovered that not only do my friends care very much about me but that people who I considered acquaintances or still newly developing friendships care about me and want to support me far more than I ever imagined!

I have a hand full of people I can talk to. And if I need to get away or don't feel safe in my own home again I actually have places (with friends) that I can go and stay. I wish I knew how to cook or something so I could thank the people that I stay with. But for now the only way I know to say thank you is to just grow stronger every day so that you won't have to support me forever and I in turn can have the strength to be there for you when you need me.

A couple of them don't use Live Journal, but I'm going to say it here anyway for the rest: Thank you! You aren't just my heroes, you are my inspiration!

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