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Withdrawals of the most horrific kind!!!!!

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD 8 plus hours of NO internet access!!!!!!! Uggghhh!!!! First day at my temp job and imagine my horror when I realized I don't even have a computer at my desk. I'm used to checking my e-mail every hour and reading my friends journals (and the comments in mine) every couple of hours. Now I sit at my desk trembling and foaming at the mouth with agonizing withdrawals like the comment slut/junkie that I am!!!!

Word has it that I may get a lap top at my desk later because I will be needing e-mail. But there's nothing in my job description that requires internet, so there's no telling if I'll have internet later or not. Job is dull and low paying. My boss is very nice though. And at least I got what I was hoping for, which is an 8-5 type job so I can continue with school and rehearsals at night and clubbing and working as a dancer on the weekends. Thank goodness!!!!

But my hours are so quiet and numb as I work that my head is going a million miles a minute to try and fill the void. My top 6 thoughts:

1. How am I going to pay for the acting class now that I'm not available to do work study!?

2. Repeats and formulations in my head about exactly what I plan on writing in LiveJournal when I finally have the time.

3. When can I have more sweet kisses from D???

4. How disconnected from the world I am because I can't read my e-mail or read my friend's LiveJournals.

5. Did I mention tender fantasies of divine D kisses? Oh, bad Cage Kitten. Bad! BAD!!!

6. Vogue...Vogue...Vogue...this it Friday YET?

Oh and speaking of Vogue, here is a picture taken of me dancing last Friday at the Vogue.


And to my friends...I go straight from work to class and then to bed for two days in a row. But I get to read and comment on your journals on Friday night (before going out). Yeah! Off to bed now.

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