Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

the weekend

I didn't make it to Con after all. I woke up feeling weak and icky and promptly went back to bed where I stayed most of the day. I might have had a repeat performance on Sunday had my friend Shane not called me out of the blue to say, "Hey! I want to spend time with you! Let's have brunch!"

To save money we cooked at my place instead and then sat out on my balcony where we enjoyed the cloudless sky and the view of the Olympics and Elliot Bay. And then attempted to go on a little hike at a nearby park before food coma set in. It was really warm and the hike is the first exercise I've had in a month so it wore me out. When we got home I promptly put him on my computer (he's without one at the moment) and I staggered to bed where I collapsed for a VERY long nap.

Before he left I gave him the CD burner from my old computer (it's actually the ONLY salvageable part since the computer was failing so quickly in so many ways) and he loaned me a really great book which I'm sure you'll be hearing all about in my journal soon.

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