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socks and cat


Peabody has been a tremendous comfort while I'm home alone during the day. I don't know why she changed but over the last couple of months she went from being this aloof "don't touch me" kitty to this affectionate little cuddle/purr machine. She spends a lot of time in my lap rubbing her head against me and curling up in my arms. I have so fallen in love with her. I'm sad that she's moving at the end of this month. I hope whatever new roommate I end up with also has a cat. Because I can't imagine my life anymore without a little kitty bundle of joy.

Now I'm going to look up DSHS so I can find out where the heck they are and go down there this afternoon.


A friend of mine has a whole mess of 2 week old kittens. By the end of the month they'd be old enough to be taken home.
I don't know that I have room in my budget to care for an animal. That's why I LOVE it when my roommates come with cats. I get all the cat love and none of the $$ expense. But I will reconsider if I don't find a roommate with a cat. Plus they have pet health insurance now. So I can be covered if there are any unexpected vet bills.
Eileen included her phone number in her messages (just forwarded to your correct email addy). She's usually around during the day, as she doesn't work either. She would know exactly where DSHS is, and probably would go with you...
Also...we have a dog, four cats, and three rats...all of whom love affection at any time. You're welcome to come over! Lemme know if that's something that interests you.
Oh thank you that sounds wonderful! I had rats while I was growing up and I miss them!
Well, you are welcome to come visit our kitties at any time. They also have a good nose for knowing when people need them.

Of course you might want to spend the night, they are at thier most affectionate in the morning when trying to get me to feed them.
I should do that. I want to wake up surrounded by kitties!!
Well, we'll see what can be arranged.
I must have missed this: What are you claiming as a disability at DSHS?
Nah, you didn't miss anything. I'm being vague about details now that I know that journal contents tend to get passed around. My policy is this: friends who want to know what's really going on in my life will call and ask or meet me for coffee to chat or just bring it up the next time we're together. I think that's pretty normal policy for most folks anyway. I've been quite the maverick sharing every detail of my personal life on LJ. Obviously that didn't work out too well for me.