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Cliff Notes for Kitten adventures

I don't have time today to write about my Kitten adventures last night. But I must give the quick version. The Vogue. Sweet, tender, tipsy kisses...the touch and embrace of friends both old and new. And every touch is fun, or playful, or warm, or sensual, even erotic at times. But they are This community, to me so far, has been respectful and safe. I feel happy and blessed.

As for further adventures at the Mercury, that's a friend's only post (just before this one). Mostly the same though, revelations of how much I appreciate the people in my life.

And today a brief rain made the air crisp and clean. I can step outside and breathe in the rich, fragrant oxygen that only this lush green city can produce.

I love my life most when I'm at the Vogue. But it's infectious, and lasting. That's what happens when one night a week you get to be not only who you really are, but who you always wanted to be. More Friday night details at a later time.

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