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making plans for Saturday night

A free Saturday night. How ironic considering I'm double booked the rest of the time. Sunday night I'm signed up for the G-spot workshop at Toys in Babeland but I also really wanted to be at gkr's movie night. And next Saturday night I really want to be at both starfish77's party AND ravenmimura's birthday celebration. One is in Redmond and one is in Capitol there's no way I can make both. Doh!

But tonight is free. Yay! After an exciting Saturday of running to the bank, cleaning the hell out of my room, starting my homework for the week and doing laundry (yes, all the excitement that Kitten can handle!) I'm going to treat myself to a movie. I was hoping to finally see the Butterfly Effect but I can't find it playing anywhere. Perhaps I'll try Starsky and Hutch instead. If anyone would like to join me tonight or suggest another movie please e-mail or call me.

And my legs hurt much from dancing last night. It is a delicious ache. I adore it.

Edited to add: Plans have changed. Now it's dinner and "The Last Samurai" with ocicat and autonomic_pilot. Woo-hoo! :)


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