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Flux in Portland

God I miss Flux. I remember watching two guys playing pool 18th century costumes. Full out beautiful formal costumes. Did I mention how sexy I find men in costumes!? *swoon*

Some girls dressed up, there was even a smattering of PVC or corsets on occasion. But rarely did I ever see anyone dressed the way I do at clubs. In Seattle nothing I wear would necessarily stand out in the sea of cleavage and PVC. But at Flux I was dressed up more than anyone, and so I stood out and drew attention. And while occasionally a drunk girl would climb the ladder to the 8 foot high catwalk to dance, no one did anything special up there. So when I got up there the way I dance was something these people hadn't seen yet. My dancing often gets noticed, but again here in Seattle, it can also just sort of blend in. But not at Flux. At Flux everyone stopped to watch me.

After dancing up there I often felt like a celebrity. Guys rarely approached me because my date hovered so close after I climbed down the ladder. But girls would come up to me and tell me how beautiful I was. And men, total strangers, would shake my date's hand and congratulate him just for being with me. I could hardly believe it.

At the clubs in Seattle I'm just another girl in a PVC corset. But at Flux I felt like a star every time I went. I miss the hell out of that club. I hope they find a new location soon.

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