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Important Notes To Self:

Note to self to remember: Sometimes people like to vent in their journals. Sometimes they need to process (in writing or out loud) the issues they are experiencing. That does NOT mean they are looking for my advice. Just because I want the entire friggin' world to post comments and thoughts/advice on every tiny little thought that passes through my head...does not mean everyone else does. Read journals. Honor where they are. But do so silently unless they ask for my support.

Note to self to remember: Not everything that works for you, will work for everyone else. Just because it has changed your life, just because it brings you inner peace, just because it has transformed you into a better and happier person does NOT mean it will do the same for them. Because not everyone lives in the same world you do. They have their own reality and their own gods and need to find their own path. Stand back and watch. Respect that. Don't try to help unless they ask for it.

Note to self to remember: Craving and desire for a particular person is not any different than your craving for sugar or an addict's craving for heroin. You recover the same way. Go through the withdrawals, think all the stupid, crazy thoughts, curl up in bed and shake with withdrawals until you puke (if that's what it takes)...but don't touch the stuff if you want to get better! If you stay clean long enough, if you don't touch the stuff, the cravings WILL pass. You do get to the other side. It will end. And you will be all the more stronger and healthier from the experience. You will even get to laugh at the process later. But not if you don't leave it the hell alone!


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