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The typical night of a working cage dancer...

Last night I earned my "Cage Kitten" name once again by working at the Catwalk as a cage dancer. It was a challenging night, to say the least. As I was getting ready at home, I was having trouble getting in the proper mood for it. I needed motivation. I mean I need to feel something deep to really embody the best dance moves. Need to feel angry, or horny, or really high kind of happy, or just attention starved. I felt none of these. I just felt mellow. Why is it so hard to be an artist when you are experiencing inner peace???

The transformation was fun though. I had been bumming around at home all day in sweats and no make-up. So I enjoyed the metamorphosis from frumpy house girl to 70's disco vixen ("Disco" was the theme last night for the dance). I didn't even have to buy anything to complete my costume, thanks to my roommate shivacat who loaned me a glittery disco top. It was what would normally be too low cut for me, something that wouldn't look good on me because I've been flat chested. But thanks to the newly hormone enlarged breasts and a Victoria Secret push-up bra, I had some very saucy cleavage! Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

All this time I thought Girl4Girl night at the Catwalk was created by and managed exclusively by Michelle. But last night I met her business partner Dean who has been out of town the last two months that I worked there as a dancer. He's delightful and fun and nice. He made me feel welcome.

In the dressing room there were two new dancers. Well actually one of them, Ingrid, had danced there a month before me and just got back from taking two months off. So there I am in the dressing room with these three other girls when I realize they are ALL very beautiful women. Wow, really beautiful! I'm intimidated at that moment. A low self esteem or self image moment for certain. Then my normally good attitude goes out the window as I become envious of these beauties, mostly because I'm sure they're all younger than me. I really have to console myself and move on from it. And just a note to self so I don't forget, the other new dancer's name is Jordanna.

So before I start "working" I try a lemon drop at the bar (dancers get 2 free drinks). After 20 minutes I don't even have a remote buzz from it, so I quickly down a beer as well. Yeah, I know, bad idea. As we go to work I find that disco music is challenging to dance to. It doesn't feel sexy, so I'm not motivated to use any of my sexy moves. Without motivation and good music, I find I'm completely tired and ready to give out after about 45 minutes. Bad. Very bad! To make matters worse, the drinks kick in after about an hour, screwing up my balance. It must have shown because one of the dancers who was off that night asked me if I needed a break, and promptly gave me one. And the manager asked how I was holding up.

Well I LOVE this job and I'm not going to screw it up for ANYTHING. So I run to the bathroom (which is where I spent pretty much every short break I got that night) and straighten myself up and get back to work ASAP. I put my acting skills to work and danced like I was happy as hell up there! And then a reprieve!!!! The disco music ended after 2 hours and the normal funky stuff was played the rest of the night. Thank God!

And now a mundane mental note. Dance on one of the go-go platforms on stage as often as possible. They are not lit by the same HOT as hell spotlights that light up the two cages. You have better visibility and you can stay cool. When it's time to rotate the dancers, choosing between the two cages is not so easy. The square cage is way close to the tables, which means there will be smokers relaxing there and you will be dancing in a smokey cage. Icky!!!! The triangular cage is well away from the smokers. But the spotlight is closer to it and thus it's like dancing in an oven. Ah yes, the glamorous life of a cage dancer.

This is not to say that I didn't have a good time, because I did! Occasionally I would look and see that some people had stopped dancing to watch me. And wow, nothing like seeing some one's jaw drop as they point at me to make my night. Oh hell...makes my week!!!! And there were a few sexy songs toward the end of the night that really got the bump and grind and groove back into my hips. I put on quite a show.

At the end of the night I checked with Michele to make sure that she wants me to dance at Utopia in two weeks. I didn't just get a "yes." I got a very enthusiastic "Oh definitely!" And a few "you were great tonight"s sent me happily on my way home.

But in much pain. My feet hurt, my back hurt, I ached all over. I literally limped back to my car after I got off work. I stretched at the club but I also took a hot bath at home and stretched again afterward. I drank water like crazy but couldn't hydrate fast enough. As a result, I had a headache by the time my bath was over. After stretching I collapsed in bed. But I did a good job of taking care of my body last night (stretching, hydrating, etc.), because I don't feel any pain at all today.

Can't wait to do it again in two weeks. No new cage dancing pictures to post today, so I'll post one from me cage dancing last month!:


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