Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I had dinner with my_ophelia last night and afterward we hit one of the stores on Broadway (retail therapy). It's there that I fell hard for a floor length form fitting lace-up the front dress. I have a weakness for clothing with grommets that lace up. I think they look dead sexy and I feel very sexy in them.

The dress, made by Leg Avenue, was one of those stretchy one size fits all numbers. Except I'm not "all" because those one size clothes never fit me. I'm too tiny. :( It hugged my curves in some very good places but it also just kind of hung like a loose bag in others. I kept looking at it in the mirror trying to think of ways to alter it. But damn it was going to take so much altering (and I don't know how to use a sewing machine) that it wasn't worth it.

When I got home I looked all over the internet for a picture of it. I couldn't find it anywhere, not even on Leg Avenue's website. It's either so new or so old that it's just not up. Here's the closest thing I could find that sort of resembles it:

not exactly the right dress

Now imagine this dress only with the following changes:

- Very tight and form fitting below the waist (none of that flowy stuff)
- A slit SO high up one side that it almost goes to the waist
- Criss-cross lacing up the front across the chest

Want. Budget or not, want. Knowing me I'll end up getting it at some point (if it's still there) and bringing to to Jay the wonder goth seamstress (my title for her, not hers) to hem and maybe take in a bit. Someday. Maybe. We'll see. Maybe something else pretty will catch my - ooooh pretty sparkly what's that?

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