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Admin job available

I was relieved to find out I'm not qualified as a permanent candidate for the job I'm temping in (I'm never happy with this kind of work). The job is open and they are accepting resumes. The qualifications are in the cut below. If you meet the qualifications and you're interested then please e-mail me. I don't know the exact rate of pay but I'm quite certain it will be high.

Job Description
Support officers of company and other staff personnel with a wide variety of daily and as-needed administrative tasks. Handle administration of complex investments and business transactions.


Education Desired:
Undergraduate business-related degree

Background Desired:
  • 8 years experience with legal paperwork and finance/investment transactions
  • Familiarity with the administration of complex legal transactions and complex investments
  • General office computer skills, familiarity with Microsoft Word & Excel

Job Description

Investment & Legal Support
  • Maintain investment binders including analyst report, Board of Director books, Committee books, financial reports
  • Assist in coordination of meeting calendars
  • Perform periodic research on investments
  • Coordinate trading transactions
  • Maintain legal documents and follow up with transaction documents
  • Assist with various tax and audit matters including coordinating with company managers and outside tax advisors
  • Maintain and assist with banking transactions involving credit lines, mortgages, etc.

Hotel & Real Estate Management Support (Non-project periods)
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Take meeting notes on occasion
  • Create/maintain binders & files of current and potential property development
  • Keep track of Insurance Certificates for Tenants/Construction companies
  • Maintain & coordinate bid packages, plans, contracts & correspondence
  • Hotel comment card program

Various General Office Tasks
Answering phones, copying, faxing, coffee, mailing, shipping / delivering packages, ordering supplies, greeting guests, misc. filing

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