Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

the burlesque contest

Well THAT was fun! I was the first contestant that arrived and I ran into spazzychick first thing. I quickly assigned her as my videographer (i.e. tossed her a video camera and begged her to tape my performance) and then checked in with glitzkrieg. I chose to go on as the last contestant so I could warm up while the other gals were on stage.

The dressing room was crowded and crazy but it was so much fun with the Glitzkrieg girls and the contestants running about getting ready. Although drinks were free for the performers I opted not to drink. That was...until the girls started to perform! By then I was so nervous I felt stiff as a board and in a desperate attempt to loosen up I hurried to the bar for a Kahlua and cream. I was careful not to drink too much though as I can hardly walk in my 6" platform heels let a lone dance in them. Any tipsyness was sure to send me crashing to the floor during my performance.

From back stage we could access a balcony and it was there during the performance I realized just how many friends were actuall there. My jaw dropped when I spotted assassinpandora with la_roja and ocicat. I scanned the audience further and spotted darkmane with m_cobweb. And much to my surprise there was my roommate avisionaire in the back! And I had already seen photosexual earlier. The thought of so many friends seeing me strip (*ahem* I mean burlesque dance) made made me all the more nervous. poisoned_ivy was in the audience too but I didn't see her in that big crowd. Is there any one else that I missed?

As we watched from the balcony girlgoth commented to me that we were the only competitors without any actual burlesque experience. But I suspect by our performances that you never would have guessed it. She went on to win second or first place (I forgot which) and gothfox won as well for her truly hot rendition of "Hot For Teacher".

My performance was fun although I must admit that I am more comfortable dancing in pants and skirts than I am in hot pants with half my rear hanging out of them. And one of the things I had learned about burlesque is that you play to and tease the audience. This was impossible however as I could not SEE the audience! I had a few friends I was hoping keep eye contact with. But the stage lighting was akin to being a deer caught in the headlights. It was best not to look out toward the audience at all as to avoid being blinded. Of all my moves the one that got the most howls and screams was when I straddled the chair and then reached for the floor and bent down into a crawl on the ground. Many of the previous performers had thrown glitter and my floor work left me covered in the stuff. In fact it's STILL stuck like glue to my PVC boots.

There were a LOT of flashes going off during my performance and I know djeternaldarkne took hundreds of pictures last night so I'll be in at least some of them. If anyone else took pictures please let me know. I had a great time and I sure would like to do this again. But that will require new costumes. And wow, some of the costumes were breathtaking. I can now add burlesque dancing to my long list of unusual accomplishments. This one rates pretty high up there along with sky diving and go-go dancing.

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