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Yet another fabulous Friday night to rave about! And I didn't even have to go to Vogue to have a good time. This just proves that fun, friends and frivolity follow Cage Kitten everywhere.

I was looking forward to a nice quiet evening with hannahadams and cjcollier. I was not disappointed. Good conversation, food (at a Thai restaurant) and drinks at some place in Fremont called Tost were just the start. Then we proceeded to "Fire Friday" which is a bit of a party of sorts. It's more like a monthly gathering of friends (every 3rd Friday of the month) at Xandra's house. I knew brianfey would be there, so it's not like Hannah and CJ would be the only people there I knew. But I was in for a surprise!

The first face I recognized was seattlesque. This is the 3rd Friday in a row we have been at the same place on Friday night! He was resting, with others, on a futon and bed of pillows in the living room. I climbed aboard to give him a happy hug! Soon after I saw a decidedly familiar face. Like so familiar that I see it 4 or more times a week. And yet I know I've never met this person before. How odd. How surreal. Of course it must be a LiveJournal person. Yes! It's starfish77. We've been reading each other's journals and posting back and forth in them for quite some time. So I feel like I sort of know him. And yet we've never met. The whole concept blows my mind. How wonderful to find we're at the same party and finally meet for real!

And then I see another face that I could only know from a small, thumb-nail size icon. But this one isn't quite so familiar as the last. In fact, I can't even place the person with their user name. I have to ask him why he's so familiar. He informs me that his is ziptie. How cool! Yet another cyber acquaintance becomes a reality!

Brianfey was giving out "Homies" to everyone at the party. I liked the novelty of it but disliked mine after some one made an obscene joke about it that make it impossible for me to think of anything else when I looked at it. I looked around for one to swap it for and found this little treasure:

He looks huge here. But he's only 1 and 1/4 inch high. And I nicknamed him Goth Homie due to his Crow like make-up. Well soon word spread throughout the party that I got the cool goth Homie. People were coming up to me and asking to see it. I displayed it firmly in my grasp, not willing to let it out of my hands for a moment. It had become the prize Homie. Here was the coolest of all Homies!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part of the night. My dream of going to Burning Man may finally come true! Hannah and CJ offered to take me with them to Burning Man this year! Woo-hoooo! The only thing I have to worry about is whatever job I have at that time. I will be away for a week at the annual Seabeck retreat in the second week of August. So that already means asking a new employer to let me take a week off (without pay, because I won't have been there long enough to earn vacation time) for an entire week in August. Even if a new employer will let me take TWO weeks off in August (one for Seabeck and one for Burning Man), how will I get by missing TWO weeks pay in August? Hmmmm....guess I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. :)

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