November 22nd, 2010

snowing on cat


I totally meant to get new tires before this weather hit. Seriously, I budged it for it and literally have the money for it sitting in an envelope unused. But new tires just got buried on my to do list kind of like the oil change that is about 6 weeks over due. Busy busy busy.
socks and cat


Click here for Seattle Times story on Steamcon

Steamcon was pretty much what I predicted it would be. The tea party and fashion show was the only event worth attending and everything else seemed to be boring panels of people talking at you. At Norwescon there are lots of interactive panels like workshops where you can learn to make chainmail. But I couldn't find anything interactive and fun at Steamcon.

But it was still worth it because walking around seeing everyone in their costumes was a tremendous joy. And every time I have seen the movie Titanic (at least half a dozen times) I wish I could be one of those ladies dressing up in all her finery and going to tea with the other ladies in all their amazing outfits. And I finally got to do that at the tea party and fashion show so it was a dream come true for me.

The Abney Park concert was a failure. The schedule clearly said the concert started at 8pm but Abney Park did not actually go on stage until 12:45 in the morning. I had been on my feet all day so by then I was so tired I could only stay awake for 2 songs before we went back to the room to crash. I was totally ready, willing and able to give this band a try and become a fan. Epic fail for going on so late.

Below are just a couple pics from con...

Posing with steampunk zombie killer:

Sheriff with steampunk belly dancer:

socks and cat

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Need bananas for my protein shake in the morning. I think I'll walk the 10 blocks to Safeway. Just wish I had goggles to keep the snow flurry out of my eyes. Wonder if those steampunk costume goggles would help.
socks and cat

Ship it already

I ordered this chemise from Frederick's of Hollywood 9 weeks ago. It has been on back order ever since. I figure I must own anything that both sparkles AND shows this much cleavage. Maybe it will be my Xmas present if it finally gets shipped to me next month.