November 18th, 2010

pole kitten inverted trick

Once you've had acrobat you'll never go back

Teatro Zinzanni was lots of fun. And I forgot how acrobats have the hottest bodies on earth. It makes me sad that guys in the communities I hang out in don't work out. I'm used to being surrounded by pot bellies and scrawny arms. So spending last evening being surrounded by men with sculpted abs and toned arms made me absolutely delirious.
socks and cat


Having VIP passes to the advanced screening of Burlsque was the bomb. We got escorted into the theatre ahead of all the people that had been in line for at least an hour. But they made us check in our cell phones at the door to prevent everyone from recording any of it.

The plot was thin but of course the musical/dance numbers were fabulous!

I'm dying for the dress Christina wore made entirely of strings of pearls:

And the dress she wore made entirely of rhinestones: