November 2nd, 2010

socks and cat

Hot zombie

I feel like I would participate in more zombie events if there was a way to be sexy and/or scantily clad while zombified. But zombies are so ugly that it just isn't possible. Well this girl below found a way to be scantily clad and still have half her face looking sexy while being zombiefied. This girl managed to do what I didn't think was possible: have the hot zombie costume that makes ALL the other zombies at the event stop and admire/oggle her.

socks and cat

Graphic designers - can you duplicate this black and red box?

It will be at least 3 to 4 months before the website can be redone. In the meantime our class page is a hot mess! Girls can't find what they want on it. I could neatly organize all our different classes on the class page if I could have these neat little red boxes just like this pole website below:

You can see all the graphic (without being cut off) here:
The boxes match my website theme perfectly already. So all I would need is this:

1. One box exactly like these with no text or pictures (but in a format I can add text and pictures to like jpg).

2. A second box that is twice the length of the first one (or the space that two of these boxes would take up if they are side by side and have space between them as illustrated above).

Please let me know what you would charge me for these two boxes. Or if you are local but don't want to charge me I'm happy take you to lunch or dinner to thank you.