October 13th, 2010

socks and cat

My latest costume aquisition

There is an artist (out of state) that makes these metal cup bra covers that you can sew onto your bra. But when I contacted the artist to order a pair she said there was a long wait list. I asked her to put me on the list. I've been on her wait list for a pair of these for over 2 years now!

Yesterday I discovered the woman who posed with the metal cups in this pic selling her metal cups online. She loves them but she had her breasts augmented so these B-cups no longer fit her:

I just paid her for them today and she's shipping them to me tomorrow. Yay! Once I get them I plan to buy spikes and screw the spikes into the holes on top exactly the way Maureen from Hands of Kali did in this picture (she also purchased these metal cups from the same artist):

Now if I can just find something leather like to sew the cups onto they can be part of my warrior princess costume for Norwescon (minus the spikes).
socks and cat

Most expensive hoses on earth?

Meant to have a friend replace the hoses in my car to save money (would have been less expensive that way). But I haven't had time to deal with it and finally just brought it back to my mechanic to have them do it. They quoted me $500 a while back to replace all the heater and radiator hoses. Turns out my hoses are more expensive than they thought. My balance due tomorrow for hose replacement: $885

I have trusted this mechanic for years so if they say that's the cost I believe them. But I would not have shopped so much in Portland had I known my bill was going to be that big. Holy cow.