August 9th, 2010

YinYang Cats

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

I highly recommend the new Tony Robbins reality series. It was so moving it made me cry, sometimes from feeling sad for the people featured and sometimes from the pure joy of watching them transform and break through so many painful things in their lives. It's so moving and empowering to watch people who have had their lives completely ripped apart face their fears, shatter their boundaries and rediscover their inner strength, meaningful connections, love and freedom that they thought were lost from their lives forever. You can watch it online free or on "Demand" for free if you have Comcast cable.

Tony Robbins website also comes with a free program that lets you work the same sucessful steps he worked other people through on the show. Although the perks experienced by the folks on the show like skydiving in Hawaii or living homeless on skid row for a week are not included.