July 19th, 2010

socks and cat


I did not get to perform at the polystrip event after all. I some how got food poisoning from a chai latte that I purchased at Pete's Coffee on Greenlake. Darn thing was fresh brewed and sugar free. So I have no idea how it could have made me so sick. I drank it 10 hours ago and my stomach is still in knots.

While I didn't feel well enough to swing around a pole or hang upside down, I was okay to sit and watch the other performers. I love how creative everyone was! One woman dressed as a nun and stripped to "Personal Jesus". And there were two women dancing together where one was dressed as a cop with a radar gun and the other was dressed as a speeder in a little racing outfit. You can use your imagination from there. I don't have to because I was there.
socks and cat

airline miles card is here

My new United Airline debit card just arrived. Suddenly my $409 per month health insurance premiums don't seem so bad. I'll be earning 409 miles per month from that alone. I just have to remember to tell vendors to run it as a credit card in order to get the miles. If you enter your PIN you don't get miles.

Thinking about the places I might want to fly in two years when I have accumulated the minimum required to fly. London? Hawaii? Las Vegas?

Vicious kitty

After my shower this morning I pulled open the shower curtain to get a towel and this is what I found waiting for me outside my tub. Thanks Vader. What did that poor helpless roll of toilet paper ever do to you?