May 19th, 2010

socks and cat

More room on the Fuze please

The Sansa Fuze ran out of room so fast it's ridiculous. I am now deleting songs I don't listen to anymore in order to make room for just a few new ones. But deleting one or two does not make room for a new one. Why is that?

I do plan to use the removable memory chip feature to add some playlists that won't fit on the Fuze. But I'm just trying to fit in 5 more songs into a playlist already on the Fuze. Why does deleting 10 songs not make room for 5 songs?

Lap Dance workshop for cheap or for trade

3 spots just opened up in our Striptease & Lap Dance workshop on Wednesday May 26th at 6pm. Cost is normally $40 per person but you can e-mail me at info (at) poleforthesoul (dot) com and I'll give you the workshop for $30 each.

Or if you would like to trade to get the workshop for free I'm also open to that. I need some pants hemmed, or help sweeping and mopping or if I know you I'll even trade a spot if you cook me a meal or two.