May 4th, 2010

Kitten behind bars

How would you handle this?

Some one I hung out with once or twice a long time ago has been texting me a lot asking to hang out. I have found excuses to blow him off because he has made no secret of the fact that he drives drunk. He is in the medical profession so it's his job to save and preserve lives. Yet he's out on the roads putting lives in danger.

Blowing him off with excuses has not been effective and he just texted me last night asking when we are going to finally hang out. I have decided to call him and tell him that I am choosing not to be friends because he drives drunk. It's not that I expect to be in a car with him, it's that people who put other people's lives in danger like this are addicts and too weak to do what's right in life and so have no way of being a good friend or support system when I am looking to be stronger and better in life. But a very good friend of mine said to make up a reason rather than tell him the truth so there won't be any hard feelings. She says if you tell him the truth he may get angry or defensive and there will be awkwardness if you end up at the same club together some night.

I would rather he know the truth, that there are consequences for your actions and if you choose to drive drunk some people will not want to be your friend. But she does have a good point. Me telling him the truth will not change his drinking and driving and will most likely result in hard feelings.

Should I tell him the truth?

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Made the call. Got his voicemail. Told his voicemail as nicely as possible that I was uncomfortable with the whole driving drunk thing and that I thought he was a nice guy but didn't want to hang out because of the drunk driving. So glad I got his voicemail. That would have been twice as hard had he answered in person.