April 15th, 2010

socks and cat

Happy Cativersary!!!

Last month was crazy with the surgery and falling behind on deadlines while I recovered and all that I didn't have a chance to post this. March was our 1-year anniversary together!! My cat previous to Vader was my soulmate and after I lost Meushi it was more than a year before I could even think about opening my heart up to another cat. By then Vader was actually living in a foster home about 2 hours from Seattle but lucky for me Vader's foster mom was friends with ocicat and when he heard about Vader he knew he was the cat for me. He introduced me to Vader's foster mom and on her next trip to Seattle she brought Vader over for us to meet.

I guess every animal is different and from Meushi I learned a lot about love. I learned what it was like to have my love for another being grow deeper and deeper over time. Until her, I thought love was a static thing that was either there or not. But having her in my life every day, having her there when I was happy and having her cuddles and love when I was sad and being there to care for her in her last year of life when she was so sick just taught me so much about love and bonding. With Vader I have learned a lot about trust. Vader trusts me implicitly. If his food dish is empty he doesn't meow at all. He just trusts that I'll eventually see it and fill it. Unlike other cats he lets me pet his paws, his belly, where ever I want. I can even clip his claws without him flinching because he trusts me that much. I can pick him up and hold him like a baby or hug him or hold him in all kinds of crazy positions and he'll just sit there and purr. He has no fear in my arms, it's like he trusts me completely.

He is as mischievous as he is affectionate and I never know what kind of crazy trouble to expect from him. He keeps me entertained every day. He is a constant joy in my life and each night ends with him and each morning begins with him curled up with me. I honestly don't think my life would work without him. Happy anniversary my little kitty snuggle bear!!

Pole Kitten arching on pole

I get a life?

This Summer is definitely looking to be different than my last Summer. Last Summer I worked myself to death. I did one bachelorette pole party after another, back to back, weekend after weekend. Not all of it was voluntary, 4 of my employees somehow managed to all be on vacation at the same time!! So I ended up having to teach parties myself whether I wanted to or not. I missed most of the fun Summer stuff from BBQ's to picnicks to potlucks and house parties. It did pad my bank account nicely and is part of why I can go two months without income now while I'm not allowed to teach for 2 months post surgery. But it wasn't fun having to work non-stop instead of going out.

This year I may not be teaching pole parties at all! I set up a new pay rate for employees and told them they could keep the old pay rate if they committed in advance to keeping dates and times of their choice open to teach pole parties. If they want it the old way, me just calling and saying "hey I scheduled a pole party on Saturday are you free or should I teach it?" then they can still do that but at a reduced pay rate. Everyone chose to be on board for committing to dates and times in advance and keeping the old pay rate. Plus I trained two new party instructors. So with 4 party instructors all committing to cover pole parties every weekend, I don't have to teach them at all. This will cost both my personal bank account and the business a significant drop in income monthly (because I'm paying other people to do what I used to do myself). But it will allow me to go to just about every social event this Summer that I want to. It means I will have a life this Summer. It will be the complete opposite of last Summer. Assuming of course I don't get tempted back into teaching parties. They are fun after all and the money I make doing it myself can go from everything to investing back into the business to saving for nice things for myself like a vacation. But if I can learn to live on less I would like to experiment with this whole concept of having a social life and going out and spending time with my friends.
Willow & Tara kissing

Via the Associated Press...

WASHINGTON – Hospitals that accept Medicare and Medicaid payments must let patients choose which persons, including gay and lesbian partners, can visit them and help make critical health decisions, President Barack Obama said Thursday.

To which Cage Kitten says...hells yes!