February 22nd, 2010

socks and cat

Class project - please post your feminine archetype suggestions

As a class project for my advanced class the students are going to be given a list of feminine archetypes. They are to choose one that they feel embodies their sensual side and then dress as and express that archetype during their dance the following week. I need to list every feminine style possible so they can find one that they feel suits their sensual personality. Below are just a few I have come up with, some already illustrated. Please use the poll below to include any feminine archetypes I may have forgotten. Or feel free to post them in comment and include pics if you like. Thank you!


School Girl

Cat Woman












Please list any that I have forgotten:

Feminine Archetype

socks and cat

Obstacle down

Drinking lots of tea with lemon and honey. Feeling a bit better every day. I'm actually really glad this whole throat thing happened. When they told me my surgery would be canceled if I was sick, my biggest fear from that point forward was getting sick. Now that it's happened early enough I can just relax and not worry about it anymore as I get well and know the whole sick thing is over with and on its way out and there is nothing standing in the way of me making it to surgery next Monday morning.

Yay for healing!
gun metal lolly pop

My future zombie costume

So apparently there will be a zombie night at Norwescon on the first night of the event. I don't like zombies because they are not sexy (gaping wounds and dripping blood just don't qualify as attractive) and their lack of conversation skills makes them incredibly boring. Who wants to attend an event with a bunch of boring, ugly people who don't talk? Lucky for me I won't be at Norwescon Thursday night and I get to miss all the groaning grossness. But for future zombie events I thought it might be fun to put together a zombie hunter costume. I'm going to make one complete with a severed zombie head, it will look a lot like this:

And I'll have a tank top like this:

Let's face it. Cage Kitten only does zombie if she can do it in a sexy outfit! Now where can I get a very real looking toy assault rifle? I want a rifle that makes cool noises like the Airsoft toy one in this video (but preferably not priced $100 like this one):