February 9th, 2010

socks and cat

One decision down, one to go...

So one of those huge decisions was taken out of my hands and is now left up to a total stranger I have never met. The short version is I was going to have a procedure done that has an 8 week healing time. It doesn't have to be done now, it can wait until next year. But the procedure means I can't dance for 8 weeks and if I don't do it in February the healing time would go into the busy wedding season and my inability to work during the busy season would threaten the stability of not just my current business but the new studio as well. So it's in February right now or not until next year.

So the doc's office says, sorry we can't do the procedure in February because the doc is going on vacation the last week of February. The soonest we can do is March 1st. So I go to my instructors, tell them what I need done, and oh my god they totally want to help me and start volunteering to take the busy days in shifts so that all pole parties and private lessons can be covered by them! I love my instructors!! They cannot, however, cover upper level classes that I teach. So the procedure must be done by March 1st and that way upper level classes are only suspended next session and two weeks into the following session.

So I call doctor's office yesterday and say, "Let's go ahead and schedule this for March 1st." Their reaction is, "Ooops, it looks like March 1st wasn't available after all. We can do March 8th." So March 8th would push my non-teaching healing time so far out into the Spring session that the two studios would be too financially threatened by my absense and it is out of the question. So the doctor's office yesterday called the patient who is scheduled for March 1st and asked her to switch to March 8th. Said patient, for some strange reason, is not returning their calls!!!!!

There is nothing I can do but sit and wonder why this person doesn't return phone calls. Are they on some kind of vacation? Do they not check messages? Or did they get the message and they are trying to re-arrange their own time off work to switch their appointment and recovery time so I can have March 1st. I don't know. I live in suspense now.

Comments disabled because I won't be ready to talk about it until the appointment is confirmed.