January 24th, 2010

socks and cat

tonight's costume

So the white corset I bought on eBay to wear to the white themed dressy event at Noc Noc tonight doesn't actually look all that good with my white pirate dress or my white steampunk lace skirt. So it looks like for the white dressy event I'll actually be half white and half black and wear a black tule ballgown skirt under the corset. I'll add white stockings though.
Katana on red


We were supposed to go to the strip club last night but did not. So seeing as how I would have spent $20 to get into the strip club and a minimum of $50 (or more) tipping dancers on stage (and more if I had purchased a lap dance or two), I just saved at least $70...right? So that means I can buy the $75 PVC bustle skirt in my previous post without guilt...right? RIGHT?
Love Icon

For valentine's day

I have always thought that roses were the lamest valentine gift ever. Not only do they not last, but they are dying from the moment they are cut. So essentially you are giving your beloved a dying plant as a token of love.

I saw this gift online and I think this is a gift that will last forever. Every time you are away, he or she can open it and pull one out and feel loved: http://www.healingbaskets.com/prod_91793.htm

That $26 gift trumps $150 worth of roses any day.