January 20th, 2010

cat in the snow


Where the hell did all this sunshine and warmth come from and what did you do with my winter!?
socks and cat

space update

Looked at a place today on the Eastside that already had a reception area built in. It even had the reception desk there, probably left over from the last tenant. It would be a dream to have a space that huge with a nice reception area. Trouble is, the actual studio space (currently an empty warehouse) has 16 foot cement ceilings. Putting in permanent poles that high would be a bit of a nightmare. My current permanent poles are 12 1/2 feet high and I frequently have to climb to the top of them to tighten them. I have this picture of me driving over to the Eastside studio once per week to climb to the top of 6 or 7 poles that are 16 feet high to adjust and maintain them. Eeek.

We actually only saw this space from the outside. We'll set up an appointment to see it for real from the inside later this week. I have my eye on another space that is crazy convenient from the 520 bridge. Like a block away from the exit. No reception area but it is big enough to build one in. And there is a fitness center a few doors down and I can see us doing some cross-promoting together.

Looking at 4 more spaces tomorrow. I'm pretty impressed with the spaces on the Eastside. It is a million times easier finding retail space and warehouse space over there than it was in Seattle.