January 19th, 2010

socks and cat

Selling my pink carry on luggage

Since I purchased new skull and crossbones luggage last year, I need to get rid of my pink carry on luggage. The set comes with one carry on suitcase and one matching duffle bag. Both with wheels and pull handles. Used. Asking $25 total for both.

socks and cat


Memorizing the advanced lap dance routine is proving to be very challenging. A lot of new moves, many of which I have never done before. I am practicing and practicing but there is a lot of material there.

lisatheriveter I really do need your gorgeousness in the chair for practice if you are still up for it. I need more practice on a real human being!
socks and cat


On Thursday I'm looking at a space for our Eastside location that has 1,917 feet. That's more than I thought I could afford. But the owners of the space were negotiated down to $2k a month by a potential tenant that pulled out last minute. So my leasing agent thinks we can get them down to $2k as well. It's also perfectly located between Bellevue and Redmond.

I love the idea of having this much space. Maybe 7 or 8 poles! Keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't get rented before Thursday and that the space is workable.
socks and cat

Lap dance & striptease workshop

Ladies, lap dancing is not just something sexy you can do for your partner. It is an empowering workout that makes you feel feminine, sexy and deliciously divine! Whether you are looking for a boost in confidence or you want to learn a dance that will leave your partner breathless on Valentine's Day, this lap dance and striptease workshop has something for everyone!