January 18th, 2010

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The evil Zune is gone!

Sunday I sold my brand new Zune to a student at a $50 loss. It is a testament to Microsoft that they have developed a product so poorly thought out and poorly designed and made that consumers are willing to sell it at a loss just to switch to an iPod. And that is really something considering how anti-ipod I have been for years (pretty much since they came out I have refused to own one). It took a truly bad product to make me decide to switch. I only wish I knew how to contact the Zune department at Microsoft so I could tell them they are losing customers with their new product.

That being said, I continue to be amazed at how superior the iPod touch appears to be. I haven't purchased one yet but a friend told me it can do nested folders (they don't know how to do this at the Apple store, but I haven't given up hope that it is possible). It also picks up wi-fi so you can check your e-mail on it if you're near a hot spot. And there are some how-to videos on YouTube showing how you can buy and attach a device that will allow you to get internet on it all the time. For some one like me that doesn't use a cell phone, this will be my first ever internet on the go. And of course one of the things the iPod touch can do that the Zune can't, it can download thousands of aps. I have never had a device with an ap ever. So I'm excited about the idea.

My only concern is where to purchase it. I have been told if you buy it from Apple that they have excellent customer service if anything goes wrong. But Apple charges $40 more for the iPod touch than Amazon does. Is $40 worth a little customer service if I need it?
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Young men vs. older gentlemen at strip clubs

I had an exotic dancer in today for a private lesson and I learned today the difference between older men customers and young men customers. For starters, the young men are mean. When they turn you down for a lap dance, they don't always say, "no thank you." They very often say things like, "Not from you. I'm waiting for some one better." I guess young men today spend so much time being turned down by beautiful women that they want to turn the tables and be mean to them. And the strip club is the one place where you can turn down beautiful women often and insult them in the process and there are no negative repercussions.

Young men also want lap dances that are raunchy and porn like. Whereas older men are looking more for intimacy. The dancer told me the older men like it when you touch their face and hair in an intimate way. And you can spend more time being intimate with them and less time pretending you're in a porn movie like the younger men want. This dancer that shared this with me is new to the business. So she says until she can develop dirtier and less intimate dance moves and until she can grow a thicker skin so she can let it roll off her when men in the club are mean to her, she is going to stick with the daytime and lunch shift where the older men attend.