January 10th, 2010

socks and cat

Are they on crack at VS?

When I saw this bathing suit in the new Victoria's Secret catalog I knew right away I had to order it. I don't have any need for a bathing suit but I could turn it into a go-go outfit. Then I saw the price. They want $140 for it! Oh helllllssss no! It's not even lined. What the heck or they smoking over there at Victoria's Secret?

Then I saw this suit in the same catalog and thought the same thing: I could make this into a sexy go-go dancing costume. But again, $140. I might pay that much for a sexy gown for a formal event. Heck, I practically did when I purchased that dress from Bebe last month. But $140 for a bathing suit!? Victoria's Secret can bite me.

Also, can we please NOT have models that look 14 years old modeling these sexy suits!?