January 3rd, 2010

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birthday update

Remember how I said I filled out an inquiry form at Teatro Zinanni's website? Well the reply came from one of my students that works there! She told me how it works and apparently I just pick the date and everyone who wants to go with us has a set amount of time to buy a ticket at the discounted rate. I'm thinking of waiting until February before I make that happen as I suspect folks may need a month or so to recover financially from the holidays before making a big entertainment purchase.
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Yes, I kind of chewed out a customer

Unhappy customer. She booked a pole party for 15 women but only showed up with 7 women. When you book a party for more than 10 women, the flat rate does not apply and we instead charge just $35 per person. But when she showed up with only 7 women, she insisted we still give her the party at $35 per person even though that would make the price far below the flat rate we charge for 10 or less women. She also said that while everyone had fun at the party, she thought their instructor was rude. This would probably be because they arrived for their party more than 30 minutes early and walked right into the studio (ignoring the sign on the door that said we would be back in 30 minutes) and walked right into some one's private lesson and the instructor asked them to leave and come back no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start time of their party. The instructor also would not drop the price for them when they asked for a discount because some of their girls didn't show up. So it's no wonder they didn't like her much. I think it's unlikely the instructor was rude. But she is a no nonsense woman that worked her way through college tending a college bar. She's used to handling drunk and belligerent men and putting them in their place. So it's possible that while she was not rude, she was certainly firm enough to be interpreted that way because she is accustomed to having to put people in their place when they misbehave.

I handled this in two ways, one very professional and one not so professional. Because she thought their instructor was rude, I offered the party organizer a free 1-hour lap dance and striptease lesson in my studio at her convenience for herself and any 6 of her friends. This is a $210 value -- for free!

But I also explained to her that I wasn't going to give her the refund she was requesting for two reasons, one being that the flat rate price for 10 or less women was clearly posted on our website. And the second basically said she wasn't likely to find any business that gives refunds for no-shows. This is a partial quote from the e-mail I sent her: Collapse )

I know this may have been less that professional. But she is getting a $210 lesson for free. So hopefully she can stand being put in her place a bit to get something for free that I have never ever given to anyone for free before.
socks and cat

Please talk me out of this...

OMG!!!! $300 on Etsy, marked down from $400 because it has been worn in runway shows. Please tell me not to buy it! Please tell me I have bills and expenses and am expanding my studio and need to invest in that and not something I would wear maybe two or three times in my life. Please stop me please please please!