December 29th, 2009

socks and cat

He's just not that into you

I may not have liked the book but I still need to read the sequel to experience the happy ending (stupid cliff hanger first book with the unhappy ending). Borders was all out. But they did have a parody book called "The Vampire Just Isn't That Into You." For us girls who are dating vampires and just don't get it when they're losing interest and we deserve better? Or something like that (I'll never know since I didn't buy it).
lesbian wedding

thrifty wedding

The Burbank airport is so small that there are no tables to eat at, so I took my meal into the bar to eat. The bartender was talking about her upcoming wedding and some one asked her where it would be. She said in a friend's back year. She said she would rather have the money to spend on clothes and shoes than blow on a fancy location for her wedding. I'm so down with that that I wanted to high five the woman.

Then she told us about how for gifts they are registered at only one place: a travel agency. So the only gift they want is a donation to the agency that their honeymoon is booked through (to help pay for the honeymoon). I would much rather make a donaion as a gift than have to drive to some department store to buy something a couple is registered for and wrap it and try to remember to take it with me to the reception.

I love how sensible this woman is. She also bartends at a country club where people spend $20 to $30k for their weddings and receptions when they can't even afford it. To me it makes a lot more sense to get married in a park or back yard and use the $20k instead toward a down payment on a home. I would still have the costume ball wedding I was inspired to do when I read about one in a magazine when I was 13 years old. But that can be done without spending ten to twenty grand. And it's the person you marry that matters, not the size or expense of the wedding.