December 13th, 2009

socks and cat

I love snow but it costs me

While it has been cold enough to snow for days now, there hasn't been enough moisture. I am so incredibly grateful it has not snowed because my clients won't risk driving to their classes and private lessons in the snow. And unlike the airlines (they cancel flights when it snows but then keep your money), I can't in good conscious keep their money when they are prevented from taking their classes due to snow. So every day it snows can cost me and the business anywhere from a $50 to $300 loss.

No snow = making money instead of losing money. If we can just get through the 19th without any snow, I am fee and clear for December.
socks and cat

can't live without it

Now that I have updated MS Office and Outlook actually works again, things are getting done or at least scheduled far enough out that I don't get slammed with a million things to do at once. Plus the reminders now pop up with a new, prettier, pleasant chime. My professional life might actually be falling back into manageable order now that Microsoft Outlook works again!!