December 9th, 2009


Fatal snuggle

I had to explain to Vader this morning that as much as I like to cuddle in bed, if he climbs on top of mommy and plops down his entire body weight on mommy's throat, he will strangle and kill mommy. Of course Vader didn't listen and proceeded to snuggle me in this position.

My cat is full of evil and cute.
Dress Back

Bebe is the bomb

In spite of their sky high prices, I think Bebe may have won me over as a customer with their excellent customer service. I found the dress I wanted in XS in Ohio and brought back the small to the local store because it is too big. Not only are they shipping the XS from Ohio directly to my home, but they are doing so by UPS overnight at no extra charge to me. Looks like I'll have a sexy dress in time for the formal after all!