December 7th, 2009

socks and cat

App I can't use

My payroll company now has a mobile app so I can run my employees payroll by phone (I guess). Too bad I don't have one of those fancy schmancy mobile phones with internet and a screen that gets pictures and stuff. Just my 5 year old little dinasaur that doesn't even have caller ID. I have the netbook now though. I suppose I can run payroll on the go with that.
Dress Back

Like a goth chicken

The dress is mine. Mine MINE MINE. Unfortunately the girl that put the size XS on hold had picked it up. But they still had two left in size small. We had to lace the small all the way closed it back to make it fit, which made me sad. I like the look of seeing the ribbons and criss-crossed laces on corsets. But my sadness turned to joy when I went to pay for it and found out everything in the store (if you purchased a certain minimum dollar amount) was 15% off. That took a lot of the guilt out of spening so much on a dress, I saved a lot of money!

I brought the underlayer skirt that I also wore under my clock skirt for my steampunk costume Saturday (to try it on with). I put it together with the feather cocktail dress and it made the dress absolutely breathtaking and stunning! But when I tried it without the under layer skirt, it made me look like a black chicken. I already have little chicken legs, so add poofy black feathers and you have goth chicken. But with a ball gown style skirt layered under the feathers, the dress is transformed from goth chicken to breathtaking elegance and it is going to turn heads (in a good way) everywhere I go.

It is also going to make the most amazing sexy saloon girl steampunk costume. Now I have TWO steampunk costumes I love. Can't wait to wear the dress to the formal at the Mercury on Friday!!
socks and cat

dress stress

Looks like I will not be wearing that new dress to the Mercury on Friday after all. It turns out the small is actually too big. Out of state stores will ship to your home if you pay for an item on the phone. So I need to call some out of state stores tomorrow to try and find an XS. Then I have to take this one back downtown to get credit to pay for the one I want shipped. I doubt it will be shipped to me in time for Friday.

The good news, I did not get 15% off as I was told. In fact a sale started just today where all dresses at Bebe are 25% off. So I got 25% off instead.
socks and cat

Is there a legal way not to pay taxes on a holiday bonus?

Is there a way for me to give all of my employees a holiday bonus without them having to pay taxes on it? If it goes in their paycheck, taxes are automatically taken out. I thought of buying them all Visa gift cards so they wouldn't have to pay taxes on it. But the IRS has a tax deduction minimum of $25 on gifts. So they wouldn't pay taxes on the bonus but I would pay the tax on the amount over $25 for each employee.

I would call my accountant and ask but I'm firing him since he made a mistake on my taxes last year. So I am between accountants. Any thoughts/ideas?