November 27th, 2009

socks and cat


Thanksgiving was wonderful. :)

The design contest is done and the designer sent me eps files (thank you to those of you who told me to ask for this!). I can't open them of course, so I just e-mailed her and asked her for a jpeg copy as well. Since the design contest has already paid her, she's not obligated to do this. But hopefully she won't mind. I also asked her how much she would charge me for a copy of the lotus design as well. I wonder if they have PayPal in Bosnia so I have an easy way to pay her for it.

I have a crazy packed weekend of software training, a dinner, lots of teaching and even a pole lesson for me. Not much breathing room to speak of.
socks and cat

One more question for you graphicy types

When I asked the designer how much extra she would charge me for the lotus flower design that I also like, she said normally she charges $50 plus transfer fees but she'll let me just have it. Trouble is, I only have a small JPEG from her. I might want to have it silkscreened onto tank tops some day. Is it possible to have that JPEG re-done into an eps or some other better quality larger file for a silkscreener? Is it hard to do or would it cost me a lot of money to have done?

This is the size I have it in now:

Thanks in advance for any replies!
socks and cat

netbook update

The seller said they will refund me $55 so I can purchase 2GB of RAM for the netbook. Must remember to check my PayPal account on Monday to make sure they refunded it. Lucky for me there are plenty of online videos instructing me on how to change the RAM and it's easily accessible from the back.