November 25th, 2009

socks and cat

Logo Update

By popular vote I have chosen #1. However, the last lotus design was so popular that I may ask the designer if she would be willing to throw that in. I could use it for tank tops and stuff. I don't know if she'll charge me extra or not for a second design.

She's tweaking the last 'L' in "Soul" for me right now and then we're done. I'll ask her for Vector copy and jpeg copy plus a copy of just the girl on the pole without the text. I figure I can always use photoshop to add our tag line later. Otherwise I'll just be going back and forth with her for the text of that. And quite frankly the contest is over and the contest website is in the process of awarding her my prize money and I feel funny asking for more changes after she has already been paid my maximum and isn't going to be paid anymore. So I'll add the tagline myself to the jpeg copy and worry about the Vector copy later.

I also asked her what country she lives in in my last e-mail. I assumed it was Australia. But her English writing is just broken enough that it is looking like English is not her native language. I'm curious what country my new logo came from!
socks and cat

Jackson Rathbone

I don't get the big deal about Rob Pattinson from Twilight. To me Jackson Rathbone, who plays Edward's foster brother Jasper in the movies, is a bazillion times hotter:

secretary glasses

My new toy is here!

I'm writing this from my new (used) netbook that just arrived. It's soooooo cute! It's like a baby computer, a tiny little toy version of the real thing. And it's totally in like new condition (looks like it has never been used). The screen is much better than my regular laptop. I don't know if that's because my laptop is probably 2 or 3 years old and this one is newer or because this is a mat screen and just looks better than the glossy reflective ones.

I am downloading iTunes now so I can play my favorite online radio stations in the bedroom, which I have been dying to do since I moved here just over a year ago. I will also be checking out Pandora's station online for the first time. And some day I will purchase an external CD drive for it so I can play movies on it on the plane when I travel (my laptop is too big to fit on one of those airplane seat back tables).

I ordered MS office and hopefully it will arrive soon so I can work from this netbook too.
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Lady Gaga's VMA performance

Singing in that deep, rich incredibly talented vocal range while playing on a piano that is on fire while wearing a skin tight flesh tone outfit that makes you look naked and smashing bottles of booze on the keyboard while you do it. Yes, lady Gaga rocks my world!

socks and cat

graphics question

For you graphicy types. Is a vector file supposed to end in .ai? Since I can't open it I don't know if it's really my vector file.

Also, why can't I open .png file in photoshop?

Thanks in advance for any answers.