November 24th, 2009

socks and cat

Knowing was bad

We saw the movie "Knowing" last night and I have to say that this movie was TRULY bad. I'm amazed that there are some executives at some Hollywood studio somewhere that actually thought this was a good idea. I mean the premise was good. But some writer ran with it in the corniest most already done in dozens of other movies poorly way possible.

But what really disturbed me was how truly bad Nicolas Cage looks. He's obviously had work done in the area around his eyes (botox or surgery), but none on the area around his mouth. So his eyes have that "I had a face lift" look while he still has the folds and wrinkles of a 55 year old on the lower half of his face (when he's actually only 45). His complexion and skin tone is that of some one with gray or white hair but his hair is badly dyed brown. And the hair on the top of his head looks fake, giving the impression he went bald and is wearing a piece. I just think with all the money and hollywood make up artists some one could have made him look handsome. How did he end up looking